Pharmaceutical Waste

If you operate in the healthcare sector or pharmaceutical industry, the disposal of any pharmaceutical waste you produce is a key concern. Pharmaceutical waste is often hazardous and can have a profoundly damaging affect on the environment and public health should it be disposed of incorrectly. Therefore, it is vital that all producers of pharmaceutical waste have the requisite knowledge and infrastructure to be able to dispose of pharmaceutical waste safely in compliance with UK law.

Pharmaceutical Waste Collection

Our team at Big Green can offer you the specialist solutions your business requires to ensure all of its pharmaceutical waste is disposed of legally and safely. We are experts in our field and work across the UK to help our clients securely store and dispose of all their pharmaceutical waste.

The first step in ensuring the correct disposal of pharmaceutical waste is to identify it. When we talk about pharmaceutical waste, we are talking about:

Waste medicines
Packaging contaminated by medicines
Items used to hold and administer medicines

These waste types are often hazardous and, therefore, it is essential that they are correctly stored and disposed of through the use of a fully-licensed waste management service.

To ensure that you deal with all the pharmaceutical waste your business produces in the most responsible way, working with an experienced waste management service is a necessity. When you partner with Big Green, we can offer you the expert guidance you need to ensure that all of your pharmaceutical waste is correctly stored and then safely and legally disposed of.

Pharmaceutical waste regulations

As waste laws increase in number, ensuring complete compliance becomes an ever more challenging task. Businesses must ensure they correctly separate waste and then must ensure that it is securely stored, negating any health and safety risk the presence of such waste could cause. Businesses must then ensure that the waste is legally disposed of so as not to damage the environment.

As experts in the field of pharmaceutical waste management, we can offer you the guidance and practical services you need to ensure that you comply fully with UK waste regulations.

We can provide you with the bins you need to safely store waste on site, waste audits to help you identify and quantify waste types produced by your business, and collection services to ensure waste is securely removed from your site and disposed of.

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

We will also ensure that all relevant paperwork, such as waste transfer notes and consignment notes, is completed, giving you confidence that you have dealt with your waste in accordance all relevant regulations and have the proof of this you need.

Call our team today for a free quotation on the expert waste management services we offer across the country. If you produce pharmaceutical waste, we can help you manage and disposed of it, ensuring legal compliance and leaving you with complete peace of mind.

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